Sharjah International Airport – Ultimate Guide 2023

Introduction to Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah International Airport (SIA) is in Sharjah, one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. This airport, located about 13 kilometers from the city center, is a gateway to the UAE and neighboring territories. Sharjah International Airport has something for everyone, whether you are a tourist touring the UAE, a business traveler, or a local returning home.

A Brief History

Since its establishment, Sharjah International Airport has come a long way. Since its opening in 1977, the airport has worked to better serve the increasing number of travelers by expanding and upgrading its amenities. It is known for its efficiency, safety, and excellent service. It is expected to be one of the busiest airports in the UAE and the Gulf region by 2023.

Sharjah International Airport Terminals

The Sharjah airport currently has three operational terminals. The following are the terminal details:

Terminal 1: 

Terminal 1 is the departure and arrival area of Sharjah International Airport. It serves all airline traffic destined for the airport.

The following airlines operate from this terminal:

  • Rossiya

  • Jordan Aviation

  • Cham Wings

  • Airblue

  • Air Arabia

  • Etihad Cargo 

  • Indigo 

  • Air India 

  • Air India Express 

  • Egypt Air

  • Pakistan International Airline

  • Syrian Arab Airlines 

  • Singapore Airline Cargo 

  • Egypt Air Cargo 

  • Air Peace

  • Pegasus

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Ethiopian Cargo

  • Emirates SkyCargo

  • Kenya Airways

  • Atlas Air

  • Qatar Airways

  • Royal Flight

  • SalamAir

  • Serene Air

  • SkyUp Airlines

  • Ural Air

  • Utair

  • Uzbekistan Airways

  • Vistara

  • Aeroflot

  • Fly Arystan

  • Fly Egypt

  • Nordwind

  • Oman Air

  • UPS Courier

  • MNG Airlines

  • Saudia Cargo

  • Astral Aviation

  • DHL Express

  • Belavia

  • Biman

  • US-Bangla

  • Tarco Aviation

Terminal 2: 

Terminal 2 is solely dedicated to cargo airlines.

Terminal 3: 

Terminal 3 is likewise solely allocated to cargo airlines.

Airport Lounges

Sharjah International Airport offers several lounges where travelers can relax and enjoy various amenities before and after their flights. Here are details about two of the lounges available at Sharjah Airport:

Al Diyafa Lounge

Al Diyafa Lounge is located on the first floor of the airport's departure area. Travelers can make the most of their waiting time at Sharjah Airport by visiting the luxury lounges. These premium areas provide a variety of advantages and exceptional amenities, allowing passengers to relax and refresh before boarding their flights. All airport lounges are conveniently located and accessible, and they are open at all times of the day.

During the Sharjah airport departure and Sharjah airport arrival, the services provided to passengers are:

  • Al Diyafa Lounge provides a comfortable and tranquil relaxing environment before your flight.

  • Passengers can enjoy a variety of complimentary snacks and beverages, including hot and cold options.

  • Stay connected with free Wi-Fi access available within the Lounge.

  • Watch the latest news or entertainment programs on the Lounge's TV screens.

  • A selection of reading materials is available for your leisure.

  • For those who smoke, there is a designated smoking area within the Lounge.

The Lounge

The Lounge has space for approximately 170 visitors and has comfortable arrangements that respond to the demands of every traveler. It also has a designated quiet zone where passengers can find peace and leisure amid the bustle of the airport. There is also an interactive children's play area and bathing facilities to guarantee a comfortable and refreshing experience.

The Lounge has the following amenities:

  • The Lounge provides a serene atmosphere with comfortable seating for passengers to unwind.

  • Enjoy a variety of complimentary snacks and hot and cold beverages.

  • Stay connected with free Wi-Fi within the Lounge.

  • Watch the latest news or entertainment programs on the Lounge's screens.

  • A selection of reading materials is available for your perusal.

  • The Lounge includes a designated smoking area.

Facilities and Services

Sharjah International Airport is designed with the passenger's comfort in mind. Here are some of the amenities and services you may look forward to:

Baggage Handling: Efficient baggage handling ensures your luggage arrives safely and promptly.

Security: The airport maintains strict security measures to ensure the safety of all passengers and personnel.

Duty-Free Shopping: Explore a variety of duty-free shops to purchase perfumes, electronics, and other souvenirs.

Restaurants and Cafes: Enjoy a diverse range of dining options, from local Emirati cuisine to international fast food.

Car Rental Services: Easily rent a car to explore Sharjah and the surrounding areas.

Currency Exchange: Multiple currency exchange counters are available for your convenience.

Ground Transportation

Sharjah International Airport offers several convenient ground transportation options to reach your final destination, including taxis, rental cars, and airport shuttles. The airport's proximity to Sharjah's city center and excellent road connections make it easy to access the rest of the UAE and beyond.

Shopping and Dining

One of the highlights of Sharjah International Airport is the shopping and dining experience it offers. Whether you're looking for traditional Middle Eastern products, luxury brands, or a quick meal, the airport has it all. Some popular brands and dining options include Starbucks, McDonald's, Costa Coffee, and local culinary delights.

Passenger Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips and suggestions to enhance your experience at Sharjah International Airport:

Arrive Early: To avoid any last-minute stress, it's a good idea to arrive at the airport with ample time before your flight.

Check Baggage Regulations: Ensure that you are aware of the baggage regulations of your airline to avoid any unexpected charges or issues.

Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on any flight delays or changes by checking with your airline or the airport's information services.

Utilize the Lounges: If you can access airport lounges, use them for a more relaxed and comfortable experience.

Explore Duty-Free Shopping: Take advantage of duty-free shopping opportunities, especially. 


Sharjah International Airport is more than just a transit; it is a destination in and of itself. Its contemporary infrastructure, great connections, and world-class amenities demonstrate the UAE's dedication to providing world-class travel experiences. Parking fees at Sharjah Airport are free on special occasions. Sharjah International Airport is set to make your journey comfortable and memorable in 2023 and beyond, whether you're a tourist, a business traveler, or a UAE resident.



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