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Every year on August 28, the United Arab Emirates celebrates Emirati Women's Day. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made great efforts to ensure women's rights and gender equality, and this day serves to recognize their achievements and the responsibilities they play in society. Today, August 28, 2023, marks the eighth annual gathering, with the motivating theme We Collaborate for Tomorrow.

Why August 28?

The day is notable because it marks the anniversary of establishing the General Women's Union in the United Arab Emirates in 1975. This organization played a critical role in winning equal rights for women and continues to do so now in the United Arab Emirates.

2023 Theme: We Collaborate for Tomorrow

Since the United Arab Emirates has designated 2023 as its Year of Sustainability, the Emirati Women's Day theme is We Collaborate for Tomorrow. This subject reflects the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) commitment to solving environmental problems. This is a timely event since the UAE is gearing up to host the Conference of the Parties (COP28) meeting in November. Over half of the initiative's administrative workers are women, making up 50% of the executive team.

The Role of Women in the Development of the UAE

Women in the United Arab Emirates have made great progress toward leadership roles during the previous half-century. This achievement is not just a tribute to the women involved but also to the forward-thinking policies in the UAE that expand women's access to resources and opportunities.

International Collaboration

In honor of Emirati Women's Day, the UAE embassy in Riyadh held a panel discussion with influential women from the Gulf area last year. The impact of Emirati women's work is being amplified via this global partnership.

When the United Arab Emirates celebrates Emirati Women's Day, it symbolizes the nation's dedication to advancing women's rights. This year's theme, We Collaborate for Tomorrow, highlights the essential role that Emirati women play in paving the way for future sustainable solutions. This day celebrates Emirati women's achievements and encourages them to keep pushing forward.

Happy Emirati Women's Day!



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