A giant ring will surround the Burj Khalifa at a height of 550 meters

A radical idea developed by Znera Space architecture firm would completely transform the Dubai skyline. For this reason, the project was called Downtown Circle – a 550-meter-tall ring that will encircle Burj Khalifa. The design challenges conventional notions of skyscraper housing and gated communities. Additionally, sustainability and self-sufficiency are goals.

The ambitious project was revealed in Dubai by Emaar as part of a larger initiative to build a new area called Dubai Square. The proposed structure, which is expected to encircle the entirety of Downtown Dubai, is of considerable height and size.

A Vision by Muhammad Bin Salman

The Line project in Neom, Saudi Arabia, is similar to the concept of an autonomous city within a city. However, the Line, intended to be created in the desert where there is plenty of space, differs from Znera Space in that it is integrated into the fabric of an existing metropolis. Moreover, in contrast to Beijing's Ring City, which has only been partially completed and works more like a buffer zone around the old city than as a self-contained center, The Line will be located 1 DST (4 minutes) away from Jeddah.

The Dubai Downtown Circle is a giant ring surrounding Burj Khalifa 550 meters above the ground. It is a vast yet simple idea encompassing all facets of urban living, including social and economic considerations. While the concept was designed with the contemporary city in mind, it also invites discussion on what is feasible in design and how building topologies can be approached.

The new installation was created by an international team of architects and artists to raise awareness about sustainability and low-carbon alternatives to building towers from the ground up. It features a giant ring surrounding the Burj Khalifa 550 meters above the ground. Artisan rope specialists built this steel rope structure to highlight how structures could be created without needing concrete or steel pillars.

Estimated Cost of the Ring

Downtown Circle is a giant ring surrounding Burj Khalifa, 550 meters above ground in Dubai. Chowdry and Remess would need to finance $3.5 billion and employ more than 3,000 workers to build it. They intend to make it a space where people can breathe fresh air and live without fear as they engage in such activities as hiking, running, and enjoying nature. It would be like a giant outdoor park that expands over several kilometers around the city center.

The idea of the vertical ring is not new, says Chowdry. He cites the work of architect Paolo Soleri, who wrote in 1960: The city is a great mountain which has been cut into enormous slices and carried to a height where it seems to disappear because it has changed its nature.

The Concepts Creation

The concept was of a vertical city. When Covid-19 hit hard, we thought about suitability and how we could change things. We looked at garbage disposal, food production, traffic problems, and pollution.

The Ring: The Downtown Circle

The Downtown Circle is an urban landmark project that symbolizes Dubai's future. The five floors of Downtown Circle are supported by five points, or pillars, buried in the ground. The Skypark, a continuous green space that would be located between the two primary rings, would connect these two huge structures to form a three-dimensional urban green ecosystem.

The design for this urban vertical ring comes from the architect's consideration for providing high-quality food within the city and addressing how to use less land to achieve a self-sufficient city.

Skypark would comprise four rings around the exterior of Burj Khalifa that can accommodate both people and plants, creating an urban ecosystem in harmony with nature. It also serves as a lung for the building, collecting energy from solar panels, rainwater, and carbon fiber filters.


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