A Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Residence Visas for Investors

Dubai attracts investors from across the globe who want to establish a business there with their families. Investors, businesspeople, and visitors travel to Dubai because it is a dynamic, cosmopolitan, and fruitful place to do business.

Dubai's investment-driven visa scheme aims to attract and retain international investors by providing them with a legal means of settling in the United Arab Emirates. That way, they can ensure their enterprises' long-term success and their families' well-being. Here is a comprehensive guide on Dubai residence visas for investors.

What Is the Dubai Investor Visa?

This visa, also referred to as the Dubai partner visa, is perfect for non-Muslims who wish to establish a company or participate in a current enterprise in Dubai. They are welcome to work and reside in the UAE and may bring their families. The visa is good for three years.

Do you want to get a Dubai Investor Visa?

Only those who invest at least AED 72,000 in a preexisting company or intend to invest at least AED 72,000 in the shares of a new firm are eligible to apply for investor visas in Dubai.

Required Documents for Dubai Residence Visas for Investors

You'll need these items as part of your Dubai investor visa application if you want to invest in or establish a firm on the mainland of Dubai.

  1. Sponsor's IBAN number for their bank account

  2. Possession of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) documenting the ownership interest

  3. Business Card

  4. One picture with a white background.

  5. Currently valid UAE partner visa (if applicable)

  6. Original Emirates ID of Sponsor

  7. Certified copy of your partner's passport

  8. License to Conduct Business Copies

In the past, a majority shareholder had to be a UAE citizen or an agent who could act as a connection with relevant UAE government agencies. New regulations permit 100% overseas investment on the Dubai mainland. Now, a firm does not need a majority Emirati shareholder to engage in over a thousand types of commercial and industrial activity.

How Investors Can Apply for Dubai Residence Visas

Follow these procedures to apply for Dubai residence visas for investors.

 • Visit the passport office or a typing center to apply for an entrance visa.

 • You may get a medical fitness examination at any public health facility. When filling out your admission permission, you'll need to choose a medical facility to visit.

 • An application for an Emirates ID was typed at an Amer Center.

 • Make sure to bring your original Emirates ID (if applicable), family photos, and applications for everyone else in your family to an ID center run by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to submit your application.

 • Biometric information is required for first-time applicants of Emirates ID.

 • As a condition of your visa, you must provide proof that you have medical coverage. Explore your options for medical coverage in Dubai to find the best option for you.

 • Any of the Amer centers in Dubai may assist you with changing your visa to an investor residency visa. Al Jafiliya, Al Twar, Dubai Festival City, and Al Quoz have Amer centers.

Dubai Residence Visa Costs for Investors

When applying via an Amer Center, the fee for a Dubai Investor Visa is as follows:

 • Fees to get a visa to enter the country start at AED 1,175 for UAE residents and AED 525 for those who live outside.

 • Status Upgrade: AED 675 (not necessary for foreign visitors to the UAE).

 • The estimated cost of getting a visa stamped is AED 870.

 • In the Emirates, your identification is: AED 405.

 • Price of medical checkups: AED 322.5.

Please be aware that the immigration business card required for the Dubai investor visa comes at an extra cost.

It's worth noting that the GDRFA's fees are reflected in the figures above. The fees associated with acquiring a commercial license from the Dubai Economic Department are not included.

Organizations in Dubai may also use the EDNRD portal to apply for work visas for their staff.

Visas for Investors of 3, 5, and 10 Years in Dubai

The UAE government has offered long-term visas, including 10-year and 5-year visas, for Dubai investors. A three-year investment visa in Dubai now has new, more favorable conditions.

Eligibility for a 10-year visa

Public investments of at least AED 10 million are required for the 10-year investment visa. If you're looking to put your money somewhere, consider these options:

 • Investment money from the United Arab Emirates.

 • Create a United Arab Emirates corporation with a starting capital of AED 10 million.

 • Invest AED 10 million into a new or existing firm as a partner.

 • When discussing the terms of an investment, keep in mind the following guidelines.

 • At least sixty percent of the total assets must go into businesses and industries other than real estate.

 • The sum that is invested must come in the form of a loan.

 • The ability to pay up to 10 million UAE Dirhams in debt.

Visa Validity of Five Years

The following are the requirements for obtaining a 5-year investor visa in Dubai:

 • A minimum investment of AED 5 million is required.

 • The borrowed amount is not acceptable.

 • The agreement stipulates that you keep the property for at least three years.

 • A freehold property is required for the investor.


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