All About Al Nahda Park Sharjah – Ultimate Guide 2023


Al Nahda Park is the ideal place for anyone looking for a calm refuge amidst Sharjah's urban hustle and bustle. This beautiful and calm park in the heart of Al Nahda, Sharjah, provides a peaceful respite, recreational options, and an opportunity to interact with nature. We will cover everything you need to know about Al Nahda Park in this comprehensive guide for 2023, from its history and attractions to practical advice for your visit.

History of Al Nahda Park

Al Nahda Park has a rich history that dates back to the early 2000s. It was officially opened to the public in 2004 and has since undergone several transformations to become the beautiful, well-maintained park we see today. The park's development and upkeep are part of the city's commitment to creating green spaces and promoting a healthy lifestyle among residents and visitors.

Top Attractions in Al Nahda Park

The Green Oasis

The park is a verdant oasis in the center of Sharjah, with manicured grass, colorful flower beds, and a diverse variety of plants. It's the perfect spot for a stroll, a picnic with family and friends, or simply taking in the scenery.

Children's Playground

Families with children will appreciate Al Nahda Park's dedicated children's playground. The playground is outfitted with modern and secure play equipment, making it ideal for children to have fun while their parents rest nearby.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

For fitness enthusiasts, the park offers outdoor fitness equipment strategically placed along walking paths. These machines allow visitors to combine their exercise routines with a dose of fresh air and greenery.

Mini Zoo

Al Nahda Park's little zoo is one of its standout features. A variety of small animals live there, including birds, rabbits, and turtles. This feature is especially appealing to children, who will be able to observe and learn about these animals up close.

Gazebos and Picnic Spots

The park provides shaded gazebos and designated picnic spots where you can relax, read a book, or have a meal. These spots offer a serene ambiance and a break from the sun.

Botanical Garden

Al Nahda Park boasts a beautiful botanical garden that showcases a diverse collection of plants and flowers. It's not only a feast for the eyes but also an educational opportunity to learn about various plant species.

Hotels and Restaurants

Near Al Nahda Park in Sharjah, you can find a selection of hotels and restaurants offering a range of accommodations and dining experiences:


Sahara Hotel Apartments: 

The Sahara Hotel Apartments, located in the center of Al Nahda, provides visitors and business travelers with a comfortable and convenient stay. Guests can enjoy well-appointed apartments with modern amenities. The hotel offers a refreshing pool and a fitness center for leisure and recreation. 

Copthorne Hotel Sharjah: 

The Copthorne Hotel Sharjah, located slightly further away from Al Nahda Park, provides a luxury 4-star experience. The hotel's modern rooms are intended to provide comfort and relaxation. Guests can enjoy a variety of eating options within the hotel, ranging from cosmopolitan cuisine to traditional Arabic cuisine. 

Al Hayat Hotel Apartments: 

Conveniently located in Al Nahda, Al Hayat Hotel Apartments is an ideal choice for those looking for furnished apartments with kitchen facilities. This option caters to guests who prefer self-catering during their stay. The hotel's apartments are well-appointed, providing a relaxing and spacious environment. 


Roma Lebanese Restaurant: 

This restaurant, just a short drive from Al Nahda Park, is known for its delicious Lebanese cuisine, making it a popular choice for those seeking Middle Eastern flavors.

Mumbai Express: 

A restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine, Mumbai Express serves various dishes, including biryanis, curries, and tandoori items.

Royal Orchid Restaurant: 

Offering a diverse menu featuring Indian, Chinese, and Arabian cuisines, Royal Orchid Restaurant is a versatile choice for various tastes.

Limitations When Visiting Al Nahda Park Sharjah

  • Access to Al Nahda Park Sharjah is restricted to those who have a Sharjah Park access card.

  • Please keep in mind that BBQ activities are not permitted at Al Nahda Sharjah Park.

  • Motorcycles and bicycles are not permitted on park grounds.

  • Smoking is also not permitted in the park.

  • Please keep in mind that animals are not permitted at Al Nahda Sharjah Park.

Events and Activities in Al Nahda Park Sharjah 

Al Nahda Park often hosts various events and activities, especially during weekends and special occasions. These events may include cultural festivals, outdoor movie nights, fitness classes, and more. It's advisable to check the park's event calendar for updates and opportunities to participate.

Location of Al Nahda Park Sharjah 

The Al Nahda Park is unsurprisingly located near Al Ittihad Street in Sharjah's Al Nahda neighborhood. Are you looking for directions to Al Nahda Park Sharjah? If you're coming from Dubai, stay on Al Ittihad Street (E11) and take the exit just after Ansar Mall and before the standalone KFC and Pizza Hut locations. Continue straight, and the park will be ahead.

If traveling from Sharjah, proceed straight to Al Ittihad Street (E11) and take the turn off for Al Khan Street / S108 towards Industrial Areas. Turn right onto Al Nahda Street, then go straight, then take the exit for Al Nahda Park Sharjah.


Al Nahda Park in Sharjah is a serene escape from the urban frenzy, offering a blend of natural beauty and recreational activities. Whether you're looking for a peaceful stroll, a fun day out with the family, or a place to engage in outdoor sports and fitness, this park has it all. With its diverse attractions, a beautiful botanical garden, and regular events, it provides something for everyone.


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